Come in and Sit a Spell

I wanted something just a lil festive to get in the spirit of Halloween.
The letters were cut using the Blackletter cart.

Collage frame

I got this frame from Wal Mart awhile back for $10. It sat there for..oh I don't know how long, but it was long. The hardest part was getting my kids to sit still long enough to take a good picture. I love the paper I used (paper studio). I bought so much of this stuff, it's sick. This took 30 minutes max to do because I kept cutting the paper wrong. But it's good enough for now and it's finally on the wall.

First ATC Swap

I love drooling over these small pieces of art that can inspire anything from a scrapbook page to home decor.
I have been wanting to get started on making some of my own for about a year now. I introduced my kids to the idea of them, but they rather make them out of flash cards, being that they are just a tad bit bigger. Soon I'll put some of their little works of art on here.

So a friend of mine ( Hi Dee! ) joined a stamp group in New Orleans recently and she asked me last Friday if I wanted to go to a swap on Saturday. I'd never been to one and I'm glad I took her up on the offer.
I started too feel a little intimidated b/c this is a stamp group and I haven't done much stamping. The one I created is the witch on the black cardstock. You can't see how much it sparkles in this pic, so I will be posting another. I don't think I did too bad for my first go-round. The themes were breast cancer awareness or Halloween.

I had a wonderful time! I met some really nice ladies and just enjoyed myself. I couldn't believe how relaxing it was for me. I was so proud of the goodies I collected to bring home to show my kids who were making their own while I was gone! They think it's just the coolest thing. They made some pretty cool stuff too!

These are the ones that I got permission to post from Pat, Lorraine, Brenda, Connie, Jan, Sue, Sandra, myself, and Dee. Thanks ladies!

My kind of ribbon candy

I found out the hard way that I need to see my stuff in order to use it. I bought all kinds of boxes to store stuff in. It worked for some things, but not for everything. I like to see what I have. Organizing craft supplies gets tough when you don't have a craft room and are working in shared spaces in your home. I still have a long way to go. This isn't all of the ribbon..just the 238.

I put the rolled ribbon in glass canisters and large jars. And it's pretty! They are on a bookshelf in my living room. That's good for me b/c I love to look at ribbon. I'm sure I'll move them around here and there til I get it right. See the 7Gypsies ATC holders? Had to have them!. That was last year. And they're still naked.

238 rolls of ribbon

I am a ribbon junkie. It's almost embarrassing. Will I ever use it all? No. But that doesn't stop me from hoarding and buying. I do use it, just not that much. I took the ribbon off of the spools they were on and put them on clothes pins (the round ones) and some on dowels and some are just rolled tightly.

The EEK that got tweaked

Ha ha! I crack myself up with my funnies! EEk - tweak- get it?!? So...I added tule (sp?), some rhinestone stickers and a strip of ribbon to the eek. I can't decide whether it's an almost sexy eek or if it's a ballerina eek. Oh well..I got irritated with it so that's how I left it. My poor BOO...nothing was done to it.
I told the kiddos they couldn't have any candy corn until they said how pretty it was. Yeah, a few of them looked at me like I was crazy.