my latest obsession

My latest obsession has been making these necklace charms for my girls


which turned out to be mint chocolate chip ice cream (for me anyways) This is only some. Many more to come. I think I'll be stuck on this for months!

I've even sold a few pieces which really made me excited to know that even though it may be few, some people like them other than myself and of course my girls!!
What I like about them is that each piece is different and they can be personalized. My girls like having something that goes with almost every outfit. Multiples on 1 chain make it even better..Too cute.

Baby Banner

My daughter's teacher was having a baby and wanted to give her teacher something special.
Naturally, she wanted me to make a banner. So she brought home something that went with the decor of the baby's room to give me an idea of where to go with it. After much going, this is where I went..

(I'm not a photographer, so the pics aren't great ; )

You can't see the detail in the pictures but there are many.
And the colors didn't come out true. I have much to learn when it comes to taking pictures.
I think this is one of my favorites as of yet.
And her teacher loved it, so it was good!

Birthday card

This is a b-day card I made for a friend a few months back.
Paper is MME (Laundry Line) and sentiment was printed and punched.

Father's Day card

It seems when I make something, I usually like the outcome better when I don't plan and just let myself go. The prettiest stuff I have made has been the fastest. I think it's weird. But hey..whatever works, right?
This is the card I made for my Daddy. Patterned paper is MME, stamp is 7 gypsies. I stamped it in dove gray Stazon and embossed it. Last years was so pretty and naturally, I didn't take a pic.

We had a wonderful Father's day. My Dad and daughter had an adventure in his mater mobile that broke down and no cell phone. They have had a few adventues together and made some pretty cool memories. The man refuses to buy a new car, or one that's 5 years new. I mean why buy a new car when you can have like 5 that are on their last leg, right?!? I don't get it. But he obviously does and so does my daughter, who LOVES old, rusty, mater-looking vehicles. Like I said..I don't get it. Don't suppose I'm supposed to.

DH even got to go to Bass Pro Shops and ride that Nascar thing. He and the kiddos had fun. 
You know he had to wear the DAD 

April, May, June, and July ATC's

Can u believe that I was a month ahead? Wow! Though I was 2 months late. April's theme was Spring. May was patriotic. Something masculine for June. And Christmas in July. These are the ones I made. I'll try to post the others that were made by the ladies in the group for June.
Dang it! I knew I was forgetting something! I forgot March..Geez