Behind again! And so that was the case with the eggs. It happened again this year. The eggs didn't get dyed til after midnight Easter morning. The kids were up.Well, Corey wasn't, but didn't mind getting up to see who had the ugliest egg and try to make one of his own. So it wasn't like I had to drag them out of bed or anything. 1/6 isn't bad. lol.

I did get a chance to get crafty with my own eggs. I hunted every place I coould think of for the container that was supposed to contain the Easter stuff. Alas! The container was found! But in it was not what I was hunting. Go figure! No eggs and 5 missing Easter baskets. Huh!?! What did I do with it? I still don't have a clue. I get so ticked off at myself for that. Especially when you know you have something, can't find it, have to buy more. Don't you hate that?
So, off I went to HL on another egg hunt and left with more than just eggs!
I know you see these things on soooo many blogs lately, but I wanted to do it too! : ) 

I didn't get a shot of the paper mache eggs before.
I painted a base coat of white acrylic paint, then the robin's egg blue.
On this I didn't like the look or the feel (chalky), so I added a little bit of gel medium to the paint.
I liked the sheen it gave the eggs.
With an old toothbrush and a little bit of water added (enough to make it thinner) to the burnt umber paint,
I tapped the brush on my hand for the bigger splats,
ran my finger across the bristles to get it to splatter the brown like a mist.
That's it.

The tray and the green flowers came from the $ Tree.
I LOVE those trays. I use them whenever I have the chance.
(And oh the ideas I have for them!)
Lime green stickles went on some of the green petals (not crazy about it)
I cut flowers on the cricut after buying punches that just wouldn't do it.
Crumpled them up. Uncrumpled(?) them, inked them and used the glue
so the layers of the flowers would stay in place.

Now, the eggs are in a baggie in the Easter Container
with baskets that I had to purchase once again.
How much u wanna bet that next year, I'll find what I was looking for this year
and won't be able to find the blue eggs and baskets?