TP Minis

Toilet paper rolls?
Oh yeah!
I had never heard of it before,  but wow! There are tons of minis out there just waiting to inspire you.
We made toilet paper roll minis for our stamp group project.

A fellow member gave us a tip: after flattening them with a bone folder..iron them!

Cover with paper..
Punch 1 hole or two holes..
Bind them together with ribbon, book rings, whatever you prefer..
Make some tags to put inside the rolls..

I made fillers to put between the rolls. Extra ATC's that were laying around went in there. My cuttlebug came out of hiding too. One roll was covered with some serious sparkles. On the black and brown one, I didn't cover all of the rolls. Some I just took a marker to.  You can also use a cinch or a bind it all.

I know..I'm so funny!


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