Girly Birthday Banner

My daughter couldn't make up her mind on a color scheme for her 13th birthday party, so she picked quite a few papers from the same line. I made white cupcakes (118) with pink K's and 13's. And we made the pom- pom things ( like Martha, except hers were gorgeous naturally) to hang on the wall and ceiling. Let's not forget the absurd amount of crepe paper for streamers. It was everywhere. I made 13 - 13's to hang randomly and 1 huge 13 for the door.  My house reminded me of a pinata / festival. It was such a pretty party. My girls love to be so involved with the decorating/planning part of their parties now and so do their friends.


Heather Landry said...

I totally love your birthday banner. It looks amazing and so do the cupcakes!!

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